Juke Box / Joni Mitchell

9 agosto 2011
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Joni, la più brava di tutte.


God must be a boogie man

He is three
One’s in the middle unmoved
To show what he sees
To the other two
To the one attacking–so afraid
And the one that keeps trying to love and trust
And getting himself betrayed
In the plan–oh
The divine plan
God must be a boogie man!

One’s so sweet
So overly loving and gentle
He lets people in
To his innermost sacred temple
Blind faith to care
Blind rage to kill
Why’d he let them talk him down
To cheap work and cheap thrills
In the plan–oh
The insulting plan
God must be a boogie man!

Which would it be
Mingus one or two or three
Which one do you think he’d want the world to see
Well, world opinion’s not a lot of help
When a man’s only trying to find out
How to feel about himself!
In the plan-oh
The cock-eyed plan
God must be a boogie man!

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3 Responses to Juke Box / Joni Mitchell

  1. natàlia castaldi il 9 agosto 2011 alle 10:33

    sono assolutamente d’accordo e stanca della poesia, lascio una vera poesia:


    (non so incorporare i link nei commenti, sorry)

  2. natàlia castaldi il 10 agosto 2011 alle 08:01

    [grazie, prego, scusi, tornerò]